How to design for a new category: Luxury pre-natal
Release date:2017-08-08

Unity Beauty Essentials – The Pregnancy Collection is claimed as the first premium beauty range for mums-to-be. Natalie Alexander, Director of design agency ButterflyCannon, discusses bringing this new category to life



Pregnancy is a joyful and exciting time; however, it is also a time full of huge changes. Tried and tested beauty regimes suddenly get called into question, with certain chemicals and preservatives in products becoming a pre-natal minefield. Expectant mothers often find that the products they have used their entire adult life are no longer suitable for their needs. Beauty brands have been slow to recognise this fact, with few ranges aimed specifically at pregnant women. To date, these pregnancy products have been branded more at the mass end of the market, with a distinct lack of luxury products on offer. One new brand is aiming to change that: step forward Unity Beauty Essentials – The Pregnancy Collection.