Cosmeceutical Skin Care Fixes You Need Right Now!
Release date:2017-08-29

A new year presents us with the opportunity to get set. When you’re fed up with cleaning house, prepping taxes and de-cluttering, consider feeding your fine face with a set of skincare products designed to work together to deliver maximum results.

Unlike my resolution to walk five miles daily no matter what the weather, Skinfix delivers on its promise to provide healthy, happy skin with a set of products that work together naturally. The Foaming Oil Cleanser, Moisture Boost Serum, Hydrating Lotion, and Brightening Eye Cream replenish the natural lipids that form the skin’s protective barrier. High-performance, botanical ingredients include rice protein, jojoba oil, red seaweed aloe leaf extract, macadamia oil and cucumber extract. The cucumber extract gives these lightweight products a cooling feeling and a light, pleasing scent. My skin simply feels clean, soothed, hydrated and good to go.

The set of essentials from PCA include C&E Strength, Collagen Hydrator, Weightless Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 45 and Ideal Complex Revitalizing Eye Gel. This set is genius because a) it works, b) it includes spf protection, c) the eye gel is beyond brilliant: it’s clear and stays put so you can apply concealer over it. I don’t know whether those red eye bag thingies are considered face or under eye—but I do know they are gone girl. Face friendly ingredients include: shea butter, olive fruit oil, sweet almond fruit extract, milk thistle, barley extract, orange oil and sandalwood extract.

Available: DermStore

A.G.E. Interrupter + C E Ferulic + Resveratrol B E = visible results courtesy of Skinceuticals. This trio corrects and prevents the changes and damages brought on by time, life, reality. I’m not known for hyperbole but I really was astonished by the results. The synergy between these products is evident. My skin looks clear and unwrinkled. The set is user-friendly: use the A.G.E. Interrupter 2x a day, use a few drops of C E Ferulic first in the a.m. and a pump or two of Resveratrol B E first in the p.m. I am a fan of less-is-more living. These three products have inspired me to clean the clutter from my medicine chest—and that’s enough for today. For now, I’m set.